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My name is Carlos, and I'm sorry to admit how many tv show dvd box sets I have. In the old days in the UK here, we just use to have 3 channels, and then 4 with the advent of Channel 4. (BBC 1&2, ITV, and Channel 4). Nowdays however with the millions of channels about, there is a sea of tv shows out there (alot of which as you would expect are utter junk!). As a TV enthusiast (my waist size proves I have watched far too much, and my shelves are packed with way too many box sets!) this site is my opinion of the shows I have watched. I hope to warn you off the terrible shows, show you which shows to spend your hard earned cash on, and hopefully jog your memory, reminding you of some classics you had forgotten about. Lets face it.... They dont make television like they use to!

Why buy a DVD box set?

With most tv series now days being a once a week thing, if you remember to set the recorder every week, week after week, you are the chosen one. With the advent of tv shows in dvd box sets, for the first time one can watch a whole series easily again and again, safe in the knowledge that you haven't and wont miss an episode, or have to wait every week to find out what happened!

Can't see your favourite show? Write a review!

With the reviews listed on TvDVDBoxSets.co.uk you can read reviews to find series you like, and then we link to actual genuine retailers who we have used, so you can purchase the box set if you like the sound of the series. With classic tv series from the 1960's all the way to the 1990's we have all the gems and special series you would otherwise thought have been lost forever in the film archives.

From 60's hits like Dads Army, through the 70's, Fawlty Towers, through Only Fools and Horses, upto the 90's, I've watched most of them and there are real classic about, that frankly are much better quality that most modern day productions. Obviously I haven't watch them all, so if you would live to add a review of your favourite show that I have missed, please contact us with your review under the contact us page above.

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